Spanish Infection Tracking App To Be Launched


The Spanish infection tracking app Radar Covid has been available since the beginning of July for Android and Apple Since the second week of August

It has been in the top download positions in Spain for both operating systems along with games and QR readers according to data from App Annie More than 34 million Spaniards have downloaded it at least once

But the operation of the app continues to depend on its integration into the health systems of the autonomous communities and its development has not yet been completed

In the Android Play Store there are more than 4200 comments about the app and about 50 1988 are 1 star Although the second group 1608 ratings gives 5 stars

Most of the complaints have to do with how it works on the mobile and with errors found with the battery consumption reduction system or the mobile model

The frustration of users for an app advertised with all the gallons and not yet fully working is impossible to measure Although it is likely that there is data from how many apps are deleted or inactive

The technology community however does have more specific complaints which at the moment have no clear response from the Government There is a cloud of doubts about the operation because there has not been a trustbuilding process There is a lot of ignorance of the tool says Gemma Galdón founder of Eticas Consulting

The code is not open
The Radar Covid app belongs to the Government but it is developed through a contract with Indra based on the open code of DP3T created by a team led by the Spanish engineer Carmela Troncoso from Switzerland This is what the apps own policies say Radar Covid uses in its architecture the new framework provided by Apple and Google developed from the DP3T Protocol for decentralized proximity tracking to preserve privacy

The DP3T protocol is licensed under a Mozilla Public License 20 that obliges whoever uses it to say what they do with it and how they transform it The Government at the moment has not published the code behind Radar Covid It doesnt make any sense says David Barragán cofounder and software developer at Kaleidos Open Source The license requires them to comment on what part of the code you have used and how when you use the code But we dont know We must trust that they have not modified it he adds

This measure is not just for transparency the app is made with public money Also for efficiency In all code creation errors and misalignments are inevitable

More eyes see more things Publishing the code when it is done generates more costs because the community will find errors It is not only about transparency but also about having a collective review and validation process of the technical specifications says Galdon.

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