Solomon Ventures Economy Tanking in JBJ

Solomon’s Ventures off Atlantic Blvd. is an interesting store. They buy up excess inventory and discontinued or clearance items from a variety of sources and then sell them off at pretty deep discounts.

Essentially the ‘Big Lots model’ of doing business but with a more random and often more interesting selection of items for sale. And with the economy tanking at the moment, Solomon’s is doing great business.

In fact, I just recently got an olive oil themed dish set with rack from Solomon’s for $15 same item offered by BJ’s club warehouse for $20 just a couple of weeks earlier.The week’s JBJ has a nice little profile.

Mike Bartley’s arms were full of items that he bought for a mere fraction of the retail price as he strolled out of Solomon’s Ventures with a wide smile on his face.

The 39-year-old has been visiting the salvage retail store on Art Museum Drive near Atlantic Boulevard at least once a week for 25 years or more, and has even found a way to supplement his income by buying in bulk and reselling the merchandise at flea markets.

He’s just one of a countless number of customers who are increasingly appreciative of the deals and opportunities they can get at Solomon’s, owned by Raymond Solomon.

“He takes care of his customers,” Bartley said. “Everybody loves Raymond.”

Solomon’s business is an anomaly not only for its ever-changing product mix — from a hot sauce collection to clothes, automotive fluids to rubber chickens — but also because of its sales volume, which he said was up about 25 percent in 2008, thanks to the economic recession.

“People are pinching their pennies and they are looking for bargains,” Solomon said. “The customers who come in the store, I really appreciate them and they really appreciate being able to buy from me.”

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