App That Shows Valencian Community for Pandemic Effects

Six months after having to leave the classroom due to the coronavirus, thousands of students return to school. The pandemic is not over yet and it is, above all, an atypical beginning of the course, marked by the mandatory nature of masks and uncertainty.

Multiple authorities, schools and companies are looking to technology for a way to get a safe return to class, prevent new infections and be able to continue with the course in the event of new isolations.

Children and adolescents are as likely to be infected as any other age group and can spread Covid-19, according to the World Health Organization . While there are people who are asymptomatic, one of the most common symptoms of this disease is fever.

Communities such as Madrid or the Valencian Community have supplied thermometers to multiple centers to control the temperature of teachers and students at the entrance.

There are different initiatives that seek to avoid new infections and the possible closure of schools. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention US (CDC) emphasize that the contact tracing is key to slowing the spread of covid-19. PlexoTAG is a device created by Plexus Tech that works in a similar way to the Spanish infection tracking app Radar Covid .

It is a kind of card with bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi designed so that minors, who cannot take a mobile to class, hang it around their neck as if it were an accreditation. Thus, if a teacher or a child tests positive for coronavirus, it is possible to know the areas in which they have been and also with whom they have interacted.

Silvia Fraga, general director of strategy and brand at Plexus Tech, explains that the main objective is to guarantee security and traceability in case of contagion to immediately stop the spread of the virus: “Do not alarm those who are not necessary and establish safe protocols ”. Remember that many children are asymptomatic and there are those who have a cough without suffering from Covid-19.

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