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In addition to basic digital needs, the mobile now covers other uses. This is the philosophy of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 , a 2-in-1 device, which is also suitable for work and other demanding tasks, such as obtaining higher performance from video games or taking advantage of the camera at a professional level. In short, a terminal capable of meeting all user needs, even transforming their way of working and living.

The new Samsung smartphones complete their features with 5G connectivity and extensive autonomy. They are factors that increase the value of these devices as a tool for work and play. But the Galaxy Note20 also stand out in other areas, which in the latest version shine especially. It’s all about gaming and the versatility of the camera.

The gaming experience is one of the strengths of the Galaxy Note20. Its resolution ranges from FullHD + to WQHD + (Widescreen Quad High Definition), in the case of the Note20 Ultra, to display quality animations. The high refresh rate, which reaches 120Hz and displays 120 frames per second, allows much smoother moving images.

“If you have a good mobile and can play at more frames, the feeling of fluidity is greater and the game looks better,” says Ismael Sagredo, director of the online university master’s degree in Video Game Design and Development at the International University of La Rioja. According to him, the ideal now is to have 60 frames per second on mobile phones , while 120 frames are becoming fashionable on PCs . “It improves the ability you have, especially in competitive games, such as car games and fighting games, which depend on the reflection of the players, because sometimes the mobile itself takes longer than your reaction,” he explains.

The Note20 also have artificial intelligence to optimize performance based on the user’s game patterns. In this way the battery is lengthened and the WiFi connection is improved. Its 5G connectivity allows a speed 20 times higher than the current one, as well as a latency 10 times lower. “5G will allow quality streaming of video games without the need for WiFi, because right now with 4G it is not feasible,” says Sagredo, who adds the importance of 5G for network games, whose development is increasingly common in the field. mobile.

One of the great novelties of the Note20 in the gaming field is its optimization for the Xbox video game cloud service xCloud. Thanks to a partnership with Microsoft, smartphones will allow, starting on September 15, access to more than 100 titles of the console on devices through a subscription to Game Pass. Thus, users can enjoy Xbox video games from anywhere and with the maximum speed, which provides 5G. Added to this is the possibility of turning the Note20 into a desktop console thanks to Wireless DeX , the Samsung device that allows you to adapt the content of the smartphone to a monitor.

There are many advantages of cloud platforms to play on smartphones: “Right now a mobile phone cannot run a game such as Xbox, but with xCloud you can play with the quality that the console offers you,” says Sagredo. “You will be able to do things like play at home with the console, save the game in the cloud, travel on the subway and continue it, although it is true that you will need 5G for all this.”

At a time when many of us have plunged into telecommuting, the new Note20 series presents itself as an advanced productivity tool. Try to merge the portability of a smartphone with the capacity of a PC. The power and the size of the screen are the basic factors, but what stands out most at first glance is the functionality of the S Pen .

The digital pen, the hallmark of this range, has been improved to have an imperceptible latency of 9 milliseconds. The goal is to make writing more natural for the user. This is helped by the automatic adjustment of the S Pen using artificial intelligence, in order to predict what is being written. The device also allows for gesture control, including some that can be picked up from a distance.

To squeeze the S Pen terminals have the Samsung Notes application, you can now take on PDF documents or aiming for synchronizing the writing with an audio note, to review all elements after the meeting attended. The software also makes it possible to export the notes in Power Point files, as well as synchronize them with those of Outlook and OneNote, on the PC.

The border between the smartphone and the computer is blurred with a series of functions designed to combine both worlds. Wireless DeX turns the Note20 into a PC completely wirelessly. At the same time, the user will be able to run their Android applications on a Windows computer. You can even copy, paste and move files between devices.

The Note20 camera allows you to record videos with quasi-cinematic quality, in 8K, four times higher than 4K. The user can also adjust the zoom speed to further control the zoom in and out, as well as select between its three mics to obtain the best possible audio quality.

These enhancements are intended to bring image recording as close as possible to the professional realm. Rodrigo Rivas, a professional photographer specialized in mobile photography, assures that a smartphone with a good camera can be a very interesting tool for video professionals. “In decent lighting or for people making video in controlled lighting conditions, it can be very useful,” he says. And he emphasizes that some creators, such as youtubers, can take advantage of high quality recording, such as 4K. It is not the only virtue. “Now the mobiles have improved a lot, because they have been given a very high stabilization, with which there is no rattling when you walk. It’s

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