Presidential Campaign Starts A Virtual Tech Game

presidential game

The votes count United States goes to the polls on November 3 and the parties grease the electoral machinery to occupy the White House.

Both physical and digital machinery, whose efforts are increasingly directed towards this intangible space, formed by social networks – so well managed by the current president.

Donald Trump or video games Democratic ticket , comprised of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, looks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a new propaganda strategy by allowing players to support their candidacy through signs that can be placed within the game.

The title developed by Nintendo simulates a virtual world, inhabited by endearing animals, where players move around a desert island as if it were their day to day .

They build houses, fish, gather food, meet up with their friends And for a week they have been putting up posters in their gardens with the last names Biden and Harris. A completely premeditated political move.

This title has been one of the star video games during confinement, with an intergenerational audience that contacted friends, acquaintances and strangers in a moment of confinement at home.

“To get the attention of voters you have to go where they are. In a pandemic this means online .

And Animal Crossing is one of the most popular sites among the population, ”says Zizi Papacharissi, Professor of Communication at the University of Illinois.

The campaign team has designed four posters with the official logos, so players of the Nintendo Switch title can download them and display them on the island.

Banners are scanned using a QR code in the Nintendo Switch Online app. Immediately after, users can place them wherever they want as an additional decorative element of the game.

The gaming industry , according to the latest SuperData report, generated nearly € 110 billion last year. Or what is the same, almost three times more than the amount of the film sector and 70 times more compared to the musical .

It is an attractive environment to harvest votes, especially in the face of unpredictable elections, which will favor a handful of ballots in the so-called swing states a set of states, such as Michigan, Ohio or Pennsylvania, that vary the winning candidacy almost by every electoral process.

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