1987 Hector Abad Gomez a Doctor has Launched Human Rights


On August 25 1987 Hector Abad Gomez a doctor and human rights activist was assassinated in phrase which appears in many encyclopedias inaccurately sums.

The day Abad was shot they also killed a father and a husband a very loved person and also much reviled from conservative sectors in Colombia His body was left in the street watched for hours by his son Héctor Abad Faciolince who later in 2006 published

The forgetfulness that we will bea chronicle of his fatherchild relationship a struggle to resurrect his memories of his father and his family world a very special universe For years I have been giving away this book it is one of my vices

I think it is the one that I have given the most in my life recalls Fernando Trueba who has directed its film adaptation Along with him Javier Cámara who plays Héctor Abad The film which bears the stamp of the Cannes festival where it would have participated if the pandemic had not devastated the cultural world closes the Zinemaldia Released in Colombia it will probably arrive in Spanish theaters in March

It is the first time that Trueba has directed a commission I only make personal films because its the only thing I know how to do If the proposal comes from outside I only direct it because I could internalize it

I felt that I had an eye on the novel explains the director The forgetfulness that we will beit has many angles to feel that personal bond For example it tells the story of a family the relationship between a father and a son

For me the film talks about happiness about love about a wonderful bubble and how reality ends up screwing up the party In addition he says he was attracted to the atmosphere of the boy Hector Jr in a family surrounded by women among his five sisters his mother the maids a nun He made me remember movies and books that I like Even so he bargained as much as possible to accept the proposal of the Colombian producer

It seemed impossible to take him to the movies I dont know its one of the two books that my mother reread in her life he smiles I attended several meetings and I rejected it yes with all my gratitude Besides it is that reading books to look for a movie It seems tacky to me although this was not the case

Cristina Huete his wife and producer read it again in one day because she does it very quickly and she agreed I took it and thought Impossible but there would be a possibility if we take it here Cristina caught me And thats how Trueba ended in Colombia Telling someone elses life as Emmanuel Carrère said

The material that Trueba Madrid 65 years old and Cámara Albelda de Iregua 53 years old handled requires great delicacy real events For both of them it was very interesting to document themselves but Im here to make films and reality is the runway says the director

The first thing I thought already put to work was that what a pity that Javier Cámara was not Colombian And just then I got an email from Abad telling me that he was grateful for joining the project and that there was an actor who looked like his father who was the ideal Javier Cámara The aforementioned confesses that his answer was that maybe they should look for a Colombian interpreter

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