Culture Uribes Listens To Demands Of The Entertainment World


The meeting lasted three hours Minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, received Red Alert, the movement for the sector’s unification of the spectacle that includes more than 90 associations. “It has been an intense meeting where the suffering of many thousands of people has been highlighted.

Communication has been quite cordial. We have insisted that this cannot be done only by the Ministry of Culture. There must be direct communication from the Ministry and the live entertainment sector And they have committed to it, ”said Ana Alonso, spokesperson for Red Alert after the meeting.

Alonso announced that Rodríguez Uribes will open a channel with the autonomous communities to discuss the subject of live shows. “It has also promised to transmit to Tourism and Labor the cross-cutting problems we have in the sector to have a meeting in the coming days,” says the spokesperson for Red Alert.

Ministry sources have described the meeting as very positive. “We have listened to their proposals and demands. Some of them transcend our competencies, so the minister has offered himself as a facilitator with other ministries and with the autonomous communities. As an example, we have presented the meeting we had last week with the autonomous communities in which they were asked to differentiate nightlife from live concert halls so that these were considered culture halls and had the same safe culture measures as theaters and cinemas ”. The meeting took place after the impact of the Red Alert demonstrations on September 17 in 28 Spanish cities.

“There must be direct communication from the Ministry and the live entertainment sector. And they have committed to it,” says Ana Alonso, spokesperson for Alert Roja.

Red Alert has underlined some concrete proposals that the mystery is going to study: reviewing the artist’s statute after the approval of the general state budgets to include related professions in it; structuring access to European aid within digitization, sustainability and transformation programs; access to benefits and subsidies that are still pending; financial compensation of the municipalities towards the part of the professionals of the festivities, or a specific plan for popular culture and festivities.

The two parties have convened to meet on Wednesday to communicate the sector’s problems to other political groups and discuss it in Congress.

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