Javier has the Most Important Condition in Trueba Points



Trueba points out Although in this case there was no need to do a Colombian accent or a Paisa accentfrom Medellín but to do Héctor Abad Gómezs which is completely different And Javier has the most important condition of all in addition to being a very good actor which is that since Abad Gómez loves life he has the joy of living And that cannot be falsified

The actor defines his character as what Americans say bigger than life And he explains about his investigation I spoke with one of the people who appeared on the threatened list in which Abad also appeared by the way that equals us because we live in a country where there were also lists who told me that they left Colombia running because if they had dared with a symbol a loving conscientious exemplary person what would not happen to the rest

Camera felt in a moment the weight of the royal Abbot from which he had to detach himself to roll There was something curious with each one you spoke to he felt the most loved by Héctor Each daughter told you that it was her fathers favorite because he managed to create that emotion Ugh he was an almost elusive character

Abad Faciolince resigned to participate in the script because Trueba explains he did not want to go through the suffering process that he went through to write the novel again and because he made it clear that he did not know anything about scripts And he went to Europe at the beginning of filming so as not to disturb In the end it did come close Some time before one day explains the protagonist Héctor approached me

I wanted him to sign the book given by Fernando three years before and he to take a picture of me for his sisters I asked him if they had seen any of my movies and he replied No they are going to be very excited when they see that you are just like my dad I took the photo I stepped away a bit and I was convinced I couldnt escape that blessing

They both remember a filming full of anecdotes of people who came because they had met the real doctor A supporting actor came in in a suit and he told me that he had been with Dr Abad twice that the last time he was wearing that suit and that if he could put it on for the movie Another actress I chose told me at the end that Abad had saved her husbands life Chamber emphasizes It is that many of those happened to us

He remembers one related to people on the street touching him as if he were the real doctor Magical realism really exists in Colombia Not only is it in the books but people own it and you notice it through their gaze

They also felt the hatred in details such as that the Church refused to give up any building to film the burial Because there is still a struggle in Colombia.

Trueba affects The day we shot the last conversation between Abad and his wife they announced on the radio that some streets were being closed Cecilia her widow heard her took a taxi and stood with a walker in front of a police fence And when they asked her where they were going she replied Let me pass I am the protagonist

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