1366 Death Of The Don Pedro A Technology Mystery Of Seven Centuries


The latest technology of the 1366 century has not been able to deny or confirm one of Segovias best known legends the fall from a window of the fortress of the Infante Don Pedro son of Enrique II of Castile and the immediate suicide of his caretaker upon discovering the mortal fate of the little one Moreover the inquiries of the historians anthropologists and forensics of the University of Granada and the San Cecilio University Clinical.

Hospital who have analyzed the boys mortuary remains and which were released this Friday at a press conference have caused more questions than answers Neither the age of the deceased nor the damage to his bones nor the clothes found in his tomb coincide with the popular story but neither do they prove that it is false.

Legend has it that on July 22 1366 the little boy released himself from the arms of his nurse rushed into the void from a tower of the fortress and she desperate threw herself after him Medieval chronicles relate that he would be between 10 and 12 years old which coincides with the figure of his tomb in the cathedral of Segovia which shows a sleeping teenager clutching a sword However the analysis of his bones right and left femurs and right tibia clearly indicates that he was not a boy but a baby

The anthropological study signed by Inmaculada Alemán from the Department of Legal Medicine of the University of Granada details that the analyzed bone remains undoubtedly correspond to a child between six months and a year and a half And in them in addition there are no traces of fractures as would be logical in a fall from a great height although it is not ruled out that they could have them in other parts of the body that have not been studied since they are not in the grave.

The body of the baby was exhumed in November last year taking advantage of restoration work in the Segovian cathedral The experts when opening the tomb found two impressive embroidered robes and a chest where the three bones now studied were kept The rest of the skeleton had disappeared.

Luciano Municio an archaeologist from the Junta de Castilla y León does not believe in the veracity of the Segovian legend There is nothing to testify to it It is just a popular tale It is not even possible to speak of the Infante Don Pedro as indicated by the tomb where he rests because he was the kings bastard son so he was not an infant I think everything is false.

And the inscription that surrounds the beautiful sepulcher and where it reads Here is the infant Don Pedro fixed to the Lord King Don Enrique Segundo It was 1404 Year 1366 It was recorded in 1588 when the new cathedral in Segovia was inaugurated and the childs remains were transferred from the old one which was in ruins.

The clothes in which he was buried also do not offer an answer to the new open questions since experts recognize that the two tunics found inside the tomb are of very different sizes One does correspond to a baby but the other is much larger.

The definitive analyzes of these garments will not be made public for a few months since the works have had to be delayed due to the covid19 Something similar to what has happened with the DNA tests which have also been delayed In fact it is still not possible to say with total certainty that the remains correspond to a male.

And where is the nurse who committed suicide What was it called We really dont have an answer for that admits José Antonio Morente from the University of Granada It is logical because it is a legend and there is no caretaker archaeologist Municio dares to say who also does not have evidence for his claim.

The only thing that has become clear is that Henry II loved his son In addition to the tomb that he ordered to keep in perpetuity in the old cathedral located in front of the fortress laboratory analyzes have shown that the child suffered from rickets a disease caused by a lack of vitamin D and whose deficiency occurs because the baby is not exposed to the sun.

His caregivers wanted to keep him away from any external danger including the suns rays until the little one with his legs twisted by illness looked out of a window looking for what he so badly needed.

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