Felipe Gonzalez Comes Out in Defense with the King Rajoy

Former socialist president Felipe González has come out this Friday in defense of Felipe VI because he considers that this, in his capacity as King and head of state of a “parliamentary monarchy”, should not and cannot “respond to the things that are said.”

According to González, what the King is concerned about is the covid-19 pandemic and regarding this, the former president has launched several messages of support for the recent actions of the Monarch, including those that have provoked criticism from some members of the Government of United We can coalition.

“If someone has acted impeccably, with complete neutrality and prudence, which at times has been excessive, that has been my namesake Felipe VI.” González offered a press conference at the II Foro La Toja Vínculo Atlántico, something that did not happen years ago.

In she questioned the mismanagement of the pandemic due to the lack of co-governance and large agreements between governments, administrations and parties. A deficiency that former president Mariano Rajoy also subscribed in the same forum.

Felipe González has followed this Friday morning the sessions of the second day of the forum on how to approach different models of the reconstruction of Spain, Europe and the world after the coronavirus pandemic, including the talk between Rajoy.

The former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta and the influential political scientist Ivan Krastev. Later, the former socialist president has advanced some ideas from his conference, scheduled for the afternoon, in a call to the media and in which he has also offered to answer some questions, mainly focused on recent criticisms of the Monarchy and on the management of covid-19, two issues on which he showed his discomfort.

Regarding Felipe VI, González stressed that the King, in the parliamentary monarchy system, does not have the option of publicly expressing his opinions or concerns, but is repeatedly interpreted. And in his capacity as former president of the Government, he appealed to the Latin expression cognita causa.

To indicate that he knows that the Monarch is concerned about the pandemic and also to endorse his actions in recent weeks. “Every stick that holds its candle”, pointed out González, and reiterated up to three times that the King “has been neutral, impeccable and prudent; nothing to reproach ”.

Along these lines, the former socialist president directed several invectives against the members of United We Can in the coalition government who have questioned the actions of the Monarch after not attending a judicial act in Barcelona.

“There are those who have pledged loyalty without believing it from the first minute,” said González, then commenting on Felipe VI’s call to the president of the General Council of the Judiciary, Carlos Lesmes, to express that he would have liked to be in the act of the delivery of dispatches did not suppose “an interference” in the executive power, which was thewho made the decision not to attend the Barcelona event.

Regarding the criticism of the King by the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, González threw irony and sarcasm: he commented that Garzón had the “privilege” of being “in a ministry that does not give him a lot of work and has a lot of time to think.” And he recalled that that minister and the others swore or promised their positions “with loyalty” to the King and seek this type of confrontation “to distract”, having no capacity, said former head of the Government, to do other things.

Regarding the problems in managing this phase of the pandemic, former President González held onto a few words that Rajoy had previously said about the fact that the biggest culprit is always the one with the most responsibility.

“If each of us has the inclination to defend our own, we can come to the conclusion that no one defends all of us,” he stressed, to corroborate that it is governed for all citizens and not only for “ours ”. “80% of citizens are waiting for you to agree,” González insisted, addressing the political leaders, who he described as alleged “providers of certainties.” The former socialist leader reiterated that no world expert has yet found the political color of the virus and, therefore,

González affirmed that Spain has failed due to the impossibility of reaching “consensus”, which has been better worked in other neighboring countries, such as Portugal and Italy, because here “tension dominates.”

The former president pointed out that in Spain the lack of refinement had not been done well and given the ignorance of how the virus is evolving, he again required the main leaders of the country not only to make a great pact, “because it would not be enough”, but to enter in a dynamic of successive agreements at all levels “and that requires an agreement at the highest level.”

When asked if the central executive could have waived responsibilities before the Community of Madrid, the former president affirmed that the co-governance of decentralization has led in Spain to a situation of “centrifugation of power and kingdoms of taifa” that not only promote pro-independence parties, alluding to the Madrid government led by the popular Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

But the former president also does not understand how it is possible that, after seven months after the first declaration of the state of alarm, the central government and the Ministry of Health have not yet managed to offer “in real time the incidence of the pandemic in all parts of the world. territory ”even though there are technological means to do so.

Before González, the former popular president Mariano Rajoy offered his vision on the management of the pandemic. The former leader of the PP argued that it would have been capital “to have reached a consensus between the different administrations and political forces.”

Rajoy considered the declaration of the state of alarm positive in March and gave his prescription to face serious crises such as the current one: “Get the diagnosis right; be prepared; try to get the complicity of the people and promote agreements whatever happens ”.

For Rajoy, the greatest responsibility before covid-19 is held by those who “occupy the highest position” and reserved for his final speech a diatribe against populism in Spain and a defense of the King and the Monarchy against those who ” They question ”and criticize“ everything that has been done in the last 40 or 50 years.

”The former president added taahose of us who believe in the Constitution have to defend it. The Constitution supposed the reconciliation of many Spaniards who were at odds I want to show here my support for the Constitution, the norms, the rules of the game, the Monarchy and the institutions. ”The in-person attendees at the forum, just over fifty executives of the country’s large companies, stood up to one and they gave each other a great collective applause for a few minutes.

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