Questions You Should Ask Your Economics Professor Magazine - When I offer a different perspective that suggests the perceived problem is a red herring and the corrective is a false cure, the most common response is ‘I never heard that before!'” Lawrence W. Reed 6/23/2018
Is College Still Worth It? Magazine - Professor Caplan thinks students are wise to the true value of a degree, which could help to explain why almost no student ever audits a class and why students spend only about 14 hours per week studying, down from 24 hours per week in 1961. 4/24/2018
Harvard Economist Explains Cost of the War on Drugs Magazine - Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron argues that prohibition is among the worst policies for curbing “irrational” drug use. 2/15/2018
Monopolies Have Been Explained All Wrong: Economics Professor Magazine - In my class, I often see students equate large firms with monopolies based solely on their size or perceived “dominance” of an industry. 1/5/2018
Reasons to Be Skeptical of Universal Basic Income Magazine - While the idea has attracted fervent support from across the political spectrum, practical constraints keep it from being anything other than a utopian pipe dream. 11/17/2017
What Happened to News? Magazine - As Americans turn away from the mainstream media, it is important to understand the roots of America’s media problems. 8/22/2017
Why Donating Clothes May Not Be Such a Good Idea Magazine - While charity is often considered the highest virtue, donating used clothes has the power to destroy the economies of developing nations. 8/18/2017
The Real Problem with the Media: Opinion Magazine - Public perception of the mainstream media is so low that President Trump’s petty fights with CNN might actually be helping him. 8/9/2017
Uber Is Far from Alone When It Comes to Sexual Harassment Magazine - Uber isn’t perfect, but many other companies are just as bad. 6/16/2017
What Comes After Dodd-Frank? Magazine - What did the Republicans actually do when they “killed” Dodd-Frank? 6/13/2017
$15 Minimum Wage Hike: Effects in Ontario Magazine - The biggest victims of a minimum wage hike are always young people. In Canada, 58.4% of workers earning minimum wage are in the 15-24 age demographic. And besides, if you don’t want a minimum wage, build skills that are worth more to employers. 6/7/2017
Welcome to America, Now Give Us Your Laptop and Cell Phone Magazine - Congressman Bob Barr (R-Ga) discusses how the federal government is increasingly claiming the right to search people’s laptops and smart phones. 5/17/2017