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Where Can New Ertes That Government And Agentes Sociales Negotiate Go?

UGT reported this Thursday that the Government has promised to send a proposal for the renewal of the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (Erte) that “it seems that it will introduce modifications ” and urged that it be transferred considering that the new extension should be approved “at the latest” on September 28, since the current Erte ends on September 30 .

UGT reported today, after the first formal meeting that took place to address the extension of the Erte, that the Government has promised to send a proposal “immediately .”

According to the union, this approach “appears to be going to introduce modifications on the previous royal decree” and “will include training commitments by companies for people affected by the new Erte.”

In this line, the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, JosĂ© Luis Escrivá, spoke today, who pointed out that the new extension of the Erte will have to put more emphasis on the training of those who are suspended , while the exonerations to encourage reintegration the position that was set for the current extension “is not a central element” for this negotiation.

“From the UGT we have urged you to provide us with a draft decree, since the extension must be in the Council of Ministers no later than Tuesday, September 28, ” the date of the last ordinary Council of the month, before the current one expires. extension of the ERTE, according to the union, which complained that in this meeting there had been no government proposal. Similarly, he assured that “all parties” have deemed it necessary to extend the files until “at least” January 2022.

The union expressed its “concern” for the guarantee of replacement of unemployment benefits consumed by those affected by Erte , for the protection of discontinuous fixed, for the preparation of the list of activities for the files of impediment or limitation and the obligation of maintenance of employment in companies that apply Erte.

In addition, he pointed out that it has been denounced that “some companies are abusing” the figure of the Erte while they carry out days superior to the conventional ones.

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