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Tailor-made according to the social realities and needs of each neighborhood

“The idea is to create the right spaces and social situations for these communities to empower themselves and to receive other resources that improve their quality of life. It is about working in coordination from the logic of alliances, adding and not duplicating.”

This is one of the many actions included in the program, but there are others, such as working with older people with unwanted loneliness or with young people to improve their opportunities.In total, there are 13 initiatives that will be developed in 13 neighborhoods with large social and economic deficits in as many municipalities in the demarcation of Barcelona.

The areas to invest are those that the county council, together with the municipalities, has detected that they concentrate a greater segregation and numerous extreme situations of vulnerability -social, economic, residential and urban.

And that usually coincide with neighborhoods that in recent years have undergone major sociodemographic changes.that have generated problems that exceed, on all occasions, the capacity of action of the city councils.

Moret points out that “although the method is common, the interventions are tailor-made according to the social realities and needs of each neighborhood.”

In some cases, existing projects are reinforced, and in others completely new and unprecedented actions have been created. Well, these are not areas where you start from scratch, but rather neighborhoods that have already been previously intervened because they have been identified by the municipalities as “objects of action.”

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