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VL Project during the coming 2022 and 2023

The budget for the current year is 2,340,000 euros -of which 2,247,700 correspond to subsidies through a benefit fund- that will be distributed among the 13 municipalities, all with more than 65,000 inhabitants, as a result of 172,900 euros per head.

The choice of the affected neighborhoods has been based on a vulnerability indexcarried out by the council based on aspects such as the unemployment rate, the level of income, the migrant population and the schooling rate, among others, of those areas.

The intention of the supramunicipal entity is to continue with the project during the coming 2022 and 2023 with the same annual budget. And expand it to other municipalities in the future.

Well, “the will is to achieve the empowerment of the neighbors, to work from a community logic. The idea is that the neighborhoods, apart from the families, are the most important vital safety spaces “.

Says Moret, therefore the aim is to” recover the role of the community and ensure that the citizens of these neighborhoods have the perception of that these communities are protective and that these, communities where they feel welcomed, active and have a role,

The project proposes a `pilot test focused on the diagnosis of 75 neighborhood communities at three levels: coexistence, situation of the supplies of the farms and the neighborhood organizational capacity.

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