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Woman Dies Dehydrated After Breastfeeding Her Children To Save Them From A Shipwreck

The heartbreaking story of a mother’s sacrifice in Venezuela keeps the country in shock. It all happened at the beginning of September, when two families decided to set sail by boat to spend the day on an island they never reached, as they were victims of a lethal shipwreck.

The objective was to reach Isla Tortuga from Higuerote, but the hull of the boat broke due to the impact of a large wave , causing the tragic shipwreck, which today still leaves five people missing.

And, according to what the Venezuelan authorities have communicated, after three days adrift, they found Mariely Chacón, 40, on the high seas, along with her two children, two and six years old, and the nanny, 25. It is history Of this mother, the one that has caused the greatest commotion, because, in order to keep her children alive, she drank her own urine and fed them with her breast to keep them hydrated.

At the time the rescue teams approached, they found the children hugging the lifeless body of their mother – who they estimate died of severe dehydration, increased by having breastfed their children – and Verónica Martínez, the nanny, completely dehydrated and clinging to a refrigerator floating in the sea.

Search efforts “by land, sea and air” are still continuing in the Caribbean Sea , where they hope to find the four missing persons , including the father of the children.

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