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The Problem Of Long Televisivo Prime Time

It is a continuous complaint from the viewer. Networks have been stretching their programs late into the night for years. A trick to increase the audience : if the program reaches late-night slots in which there is less competition on other channels, the average share of the broadcast, which is the percentage of people who are watching each channel, shoots up.

Perfect for inflating show performance. Although, in reality, the bulk of the real public does not even reach the end of the broadcast and, therefore, can be disengaged from the plot that such space proposes.

But this tactic has worked very well for the chains, even more so in times of economic crisis. Whereas before you had to produce several programs to fill the night, now only one is enough in a country that used to go to bed very late. But after the pandemic and the popularization of on-demand platforms, viewer habits are changing . More than we think. The Spanish audience sleeps earlier and needs to reconcile schedules.

In fact, without practically realizing it, there has already been a revolution in prime time. Prime time is no longer when the big bets of the day began until now. It occurs earlier. The current prime-time schedule is consolidated in the broadcast section between Pasapalabra and El Hormiguero by Pablo Motos , in this programming slot is where the great television consumption meets and Antena 3 leads it with two newspapers that do not sound like a prime offer time but they are really the current prime time.

As a result of this scenario, this week, Telecinco has decided to move and sell that brings prime time forward to eight in the afternoon. Strike of effect to try to weaken Pasapalabra . But apparently only blow of effect, since only the great Mediaset realities will start at eight in the afternoon and ‘Informativos Telecinco’ remains at the same time , nine at night. His thing to mobilize the audiovisual sector would have been to really advance the entire grid: also the news from Piqueras.

But the information would suffer in front of a Pasapalabra donut that is unstoppable, so it has been decided to try a “preview” of reality TV. However, the current reality, Secret StoryNor will it have much to do against the bright contest of Roberto Leal, who has created a massive community of faithful.

“The viewer is no longer a priority, the important thing is the screen share”
Meanwhile, TVE continues the strategy of extending its successes as MasterChef until the late hours to scratch a better share that increases the battered average global screen share of La 1. With this ruse, MasterChef Celebrity reached a 20 percent share on Monday but, nevertheless, it did not manage to surpass the two million spectators , that define the real repercussion of the impact of the format.

The brave decision would be to advance the Newscastand all the programming to be consistent with the daily dynamics of its society, as TVE itself already did in the nineties when it delayed the stable and emblematic appointment with the Telediario from eight thirty to nine at night. They were different times. The public chain was reading the realities of consumption and was taking the first step with confidence to go ahead of the rest and highlight its leadership.

Television must have the intuition to understand the needs of the public, which is constantly evolving . Or the public will end up consuming television on other media, such as on-demand platforms. Hence the difficulty of traditional channels to attract attention with large series of their own production in Spanish prime time. Series viewers have felt mistreated in recent years and do not believe the channels’ offer. To enjoy the experience of watching a series, it is also relevant that the public knows for sure the time it starts and the time it ends.

And that that schedule is strictly adhered to. Because if you start delaying, reluctance takes hold and sleep appears. And, of course, if in a fiction you do not reach the end, the thread of the plots is lost and the audience will not continue to the next chapter. What’s more, with so many audiovisual impacts on a daily basis, even that audience will have forgotten that such a series existed.

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