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CDR Called The Team That Had To Plan Assault On The Parliament

Several alleged members of a radical faction of the Committees for the Defense of the Republic ( CDR ), prosecuted for terrorism in the National High Court , shared a messaging group called ” Batman ” created to “plan and coordinate the order” of the “assault, occupation and defense of the Parliament “.

“Batman”, ” Les Tortugues Ninja “, “Ball de Bastons” or “GaarRapata” are some names of the groups of the messaging application Signal shared by several of those investigated from the “Judas operation” who this Tuesday have been prosecuted for a crime of belonging to a terrorist organization.

If the first of them was created on October 12, 2018 to coordinate the actions that were allegedly planned in the Parliament, others were aimed at coordinating “activities between the different cells involved in the manufacture” of explosives or those other actions planned in the days prior to the transfer of the Catalan independence leaders, then in prison, to the Supreme Court to be tried in the ” procés ” case.

But that is not the only reference to the well-known superhero found among the material seized from those investigated, who called “the Batcave ” the “explosives manufacturing laboratory” that they allegedly had improvised at the home of one of the defendants.

A “clandestine and stable” organization
The judge of the National Court who has investigated them gives evidence of this in the order where he proposes to try them for terrorism with the thesis that they would have formed “a terrorist organization parallel” to the Defense Committees themselves, “of a clandestine and stable nature “. with the aim of undertaking “violent actions or attacks against previously selected targets.”

Among the facilities against which, according to the investigation, they allegedly planned violent acts , is the Parliament, the Ministry of the Interior and Justice of the Generalitat, the Civil Guard barracks , the Government Delegation in Barcelona or the Catalan Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office, among others.

Throughout his order, the judge, who includes those investigated in the so-called Tactical Response Teams (ERT), a radical cell of the CDRs , breaks down the role and responsibility that each one allegedly had in tasks such as planning actions, the selection and recognition of targets or the preparation of explosive substances such as termite, presumably.

During the searches carried out by the Civil Guard, in addition to chemical substances , the agents also found various documentation, several maps of communication routes, images of facilities, as well as a notebook “with handwritten annotations on how to proceed in the event that any member is detained or charged and of the convenience of forcing the detention to obtain a greater media impact “

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