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Sea Of Ardora, Natural Phenomenon That Lights Up Water In Its Path

The Mar de Ardora luminous phenomenon is for many people one of the most spectacular natural phenomena to see. This fact is caused by microscopic algae that consume energy to produce bioluminescence. In this way, the sea turns fluorescent blue when disturbed by a wave at night .

In addition, this phenomenon is not only seen in the water, but its seabed also produces a very characteristic effect. When walking through the wet sand, you can see how an illuminated path is left .

This is what happened to Patrick Coyne, a user of the social network Instagram. In one of his latest publications, he has shared some images that have quickly circulated on the internet, where you can see how the kayak in which they navigate lights up when it comes into contact with the water .

“We not only saw dolphins swimming in bioluminescence but we also saw alligators and manatees ! If you are ever in Florida I highly recommend you go,” Coyne said.

However, the Mar de Ardora does not only happen on the other side of the pond, but in places like Galicia you can also enjoy this natural phenomenon.

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