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A Tour Of The Best Guacamoles In Madrid To Honrar Su Día

Of pre-Hispanic origin, legend has it that it was the god Quetzalcóatl who offered it to his people and taught them how to make it with avocado, lemon juice, chili and tomato. Since then, this delicacy seduced everyone who tried it, including the Spanish conquerors, who were in charge of expanding the recipe from Mexico throughout Central and South America.

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Over the years, guacamole has evolved and become popular throughout the world, and on September 16, Guacamole Day is celebrated .

Barbara ANN
Calle Santa Teresa, 8. Madrid

Located in one of the coolest areas of Madrid, Barbara Ann has become a temple in the Salesas area thanks to its exquisite dishes, signature cocktails and the best pop-rock music of recent decades. A corner where it is possible to enjoy a fun, cosmopolitan and traveling gastronomic proposal from the hand of its chef, Pepe Roch, who offers such irresistible dishes as his artisan nachos with guacamole, melted cheddar cheese and tomato tartare. A delicacy for lovers of the flavors of Mexico.

Barracuda MX
Calle Valenzuela, 7. Madrid

Converted into the new place of pilgrimage for the followers of Roberto Ruiz, Barracuda MX is presented as his most personal project in Madrid, with which he expands his career and faces a new challenge: discovering the gastronomy of the Pacific air that arouses the most passions in Mexico City. And he does it with a varied proposal, rich in techniques and, above all, very unknown outside of Mexico, which meets the most iconic creations of his career in a unique space. If Roberto Ruiz is an expert in something, it is in the treatment and absolute respect for the product, which is demonstrated in each of his dishes. Among them, of course, one of the star recipes of Mexican cuisine could not be missing: guacamole. Barracuda MX has guacamole with tortilla chips, guacamole with pork rinds and coastal sauce, and its own version,

Paseo de la Castellana, 52. Madrid

BIBO is the result of chef Dani García’s concern to combine in the same space his Andalusian roots, the experiences lived throughout his travels around the world, which has made him fall in love with different cultures and cuisines. Thus, among its traveling proposals, the guacamole made at the moment stands out, made on a molcajete with avocado, broken burrata, mint and accompanied by nachos. One of the most requested dishes in all the restaurant’s venues (Marbella, Madrid, Tarifa, Ibiza and Doha).

Calle María de Molina, 4. Madrid

After more than ten years conquering the public from its restaurants in Ceuta ?? Piscolabis y Bugao -, the chef Hugo Ruiz, awarded with a Repsol Sol, disembarks in Madrid the flavor of his “cuisine between seas”. With two clearly differentiated menus, whose common thread is precisely quality and seafood, Bugao Madrid combines the chef’s two proposals in a single space: one more informal and the other more gastronomic; both with tuna and pork as protagonists. Its gastronomic and liquid proposals are framed in a spectacular space, designed by Silvia Picar, which will transport the diner to the most colonial Cádiz. Among its most iconic dishes are the Motril shrimp coca with wasabi, filo pasta and guacamole and its red tuna tartare with guacamole and wasabi; both recently brought from our shores.

Calle de Sevilla, 3. Madrid

Dani García’s brasserie, located on the seventh floor of Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, is the meeting point for haute cuisine and comfort cuisine in which the Malaga chef recovers dishes that marked his career, updated for this space gastronomic, in which they coexist with reinterpretations of classic recipes with airs from their native Andalusia. A menu in which tuna, vegetables and fresh fruit are some of the main raw materials, where the chef demonstrates the unconditional love he feels towards the products that mother earth offers and that they have managed to transform into some of the great hits of the house. Dani has started the rentrée by premiering dishes with a greater prominence in room service, among which the guacamole “prepared at the table” with semi-dried tomatoes stands out.

Villanueva’s hideout
Villanueva Street, 26. Madrid

With its non-stop schedule and a varied menu that adapts to every moment of the day, the Escondite de Villanueva is the perfect contemporary classic with twenty years of experience just completed. In addition, its terrace has become, in its own right, a must in the Barrio de Salamanca. A charming viewpoint from which to contemplate the coming and going of the city while enjoying a full breakfast, an aperitif, a lunch with dishes such as its iconic mini burgers, among which we find the Mexican version with guacamole. A full-size version of the “rebel” burger with guacamole and cheddar is also offered, and among its most popular dishes we find grilled shrimp marinated over mango and guacamole. A must of the restaurant.

The great Mediterranean family
Just Eat and Glovo

The Great Mediterranean Family is a pioneering concept of food delivery that unites the tastes of all the members of the “family”, to be able to enjoy, once again, together and without discussion, good food with the stamp of the Malaga chef Dani Garcia. From Asian dishes, gourmet sandwiches, Spanish or Italian cuisine, to healthy options or a cocktail bar at home. Among the dishes on the healthy menu of Paula Ordovás we find the GuacaDream, a version similar to that of her restaurants based on guacamole with stracciatella, sunflower seeds, edamame and nachos but with a touch of the influencer.

Lagasca 19
Calle Lagasca, 19. Madrid

Honest, creative and easy to share, that’s Lagasca 19. The restaurant located in the Salamanca district offers a varied menu full of reinterpreted classic tapas, where the portions grow according to the diners. In addition to the menu, Lagasca 19 offers three tasting menus with which to know the proposal in a very complete way. With Daniel Roca at the helm of this new project and, after his success with Barra Alta in Barcelona, ​​respect for the product becomes the main pillar of the proposal along with international winks from countries such as Mexico, Peru or Thailand. Thus, we find in its menu dishes such as the warm carpier salmon belly with guacamole.

Sea lion
Jorge Juan Street, 10. Madrid

Lobito de Mar is the place in Madrid and Marbella where you can enjoy the best seafood, specifically from the Malaga coast. Thus, the maritime spirit becomes the axis of the restaurant of chef Dani García with a proposal focused on the product of the sea, in which skewers, his well-known rice dishes and the best frying, coexist with the chef’s seafood recipes. Among its starters to share, Lobito de Mar offers a seafood version of the classic guacamole, made in a classic way with purple onion, avocado, lime and coriander, which is accompanied by fried crystal prawns.

Mantarraya MX
Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, 269, CC Coliseum, Marbella. Malaga

Mantarraya MX is the landing of chef Roberto Ruiz in Marbella, who in this way adds a new project to the Pacífico MX family to bring the best of Mexican gastronomy in a proposal with its own personality, but always maintaining the hedonistic soul of its predecessor in Madrid, Barracuda MX. The climate of Marbella and the proximity of the sea favor a menu where ceviches, fish and shellfish take a special role and are complemented by very special cocktails based on mezcal and Humo, the chipotle chili liqueur. How could it be otherwise, guacamole is positioned as one of the most popular recipes in the restaurant, which features traditional guacamole with tortilla chips, guacamole with pork rinds and coastal sauce, and its own version of Mantarraya with scallops and jalapeno pepper emulsion.

Sa Brisa
Menéndez Pelayo Avenue, 15. Madrid

The project undertaken by Esther Bonet and Pere Vendrell offers in its living room and terrace a gastronomic proposal marked by dishes with a Mediterranean accent, which represent traditional Ibizan cuisine without losing sight of the aromas, flavors and recipes of Mexico, Peru and Asia. Among the classics of the house, we find its iconic prawn quesadillas with guacamole, which can accompany an informal snack accompanied by its squid hot dog or the black tartare with jalapeño, flying fish roe and cilantro chimichurri.

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