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Isotropic Systems has secured funds for a commercial deployment in 2022

Isotropic Systems stated on September 27 that the company had raised over $37 million to adequately fund their flat-panel antennas through 2022. The funding round was headed by Seraphim Space Investment Trust, which announced its first big deal since being the first publicly traded space technology fund in the month of July.

Isotropic Systems announced that it had raised over $100 million from the investors and clients, allowing the British antenna manufacturer to ramp up manufacturing in time for next year’s next-generation satellite constellations. In a September 27 release, the corporation claimed that it had increased its workforce by 40% in the last 5 months to prepare for incoming satellites in geostationary, low, and medium orbits.

The antennas will be able to link to several satellites across numerous orbits at the same time, allowing operators to save money by using a single integrated terminal. In a statement, Isotropic Systems founder and the Chief Executive Officer John Finney said, “The significant interest we’ve got from across the sector has given us the conviction to expedite our expansion plans and push forward the commercialization of our innovative new terminals, leveraging the potential of the thousands of additional satellites being launched across numerous orbits in the year ahead.”

The British government, which has invested in OneWeb’s low-Earth-orbit constellation, which is approaching commercial launch, as well as SES, which intends to begin deploying the next-generation O3b mPower satellites in medium-Earth orbit by the close of this year, took part in the new investment round.

The funding round included participation from early-stage investors Promus Ventures, AEI HorizonX, and Firmament Ventures via its Luxembourg-centered space investment firm Orbital Ventures. Following the investment, James Bruegger, who is a Seraphim managing partner, is going to join Isotropic Systems’ board of directors.

The UK Space Agency gave Isotropic Systems a $22.5 million deal earlier this year to aid market its terminals, initially focusing on Ka-band systems being built by operators like SES and Telesat.

Isotropic Systems Limited (ISL) has been working on the world’s most spectrally efficient, low-profile, multi-band, and electrically steerable antennas. The company’s team of industry specialists and scientists has made a key technological and antenna design breakthrough. ISL is based in London, England, and is privately held.

ISL’s antenna will be the first genuinely “broadband” low-profile antenna featuring fully electronic beam steering, readily expandable to effective apertures, and adaptable to nearly any form factor. The antennas are low-cost and have no moving components to adhere to the stability criteria of mobility. They are designed for the satellite broadcast, multipoint wireless, VSAT, microwave, and 5G broadband communications.

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