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Dhruva, a space technology startup, has raised Rs 22 crore (Over $2.9 Million) to deploy satellite solutions

Dhruva Space, a space technology company, has secured Rs 22 crore in a funding phase spearheaded by Blue Ashva Capital and IAN Fund in order to establish itself as a major player in the space frontier. The company is preparing to roll out new services such as Space-Grade Solar Arrays, Satellite as a Service, and Ground Station Solutions on a national and international scale. The company, which has offices in Hyderabad and Austria, claims to be fulfilling orders worth millions of dollars and is well-positioned to broaden its customer base to other major locations such as the United States and the Middle East.

Dhruva Space co-founder Sanjay Nekkanti claims his company is the only Indian private organization to receive an order for the end-to-end design and construction of the space-qualified solar arrays for the satellites. “We are already engaged on deploying our inaugural satellite for a client,” said Nekkanti, “with our enthusiasm for producing extraordinarily small satellite systems to assist space exploration technology meet the human imagination.” “We will be able to offer new products and expand our presence to more distinct markets both domestically and internationally as a result of this fundraising.”

Sanjay Nekkanti, who is an alumnus of the SRM University and a member of the team that built India’s first student satellite, founded the company in 2012 and has since been joined by Chaitanya Dora, Abhay Egoor, and Krishna Teja, all BITS-Pilani alumni, to provide Satellites, Earth Stations, as well as Launch Services as an individual or integrated Indian made alternative to power space-centred strategic applications to Indian and international clients.

According to Padmaja Ruparel, co-founder of Indian Angel Network (IAN), almost 30,000 satellites are expected to be sent into orbit during the next decade. A fundamental shift in how satellites are designed, constructed, and launched is required to enable space assets’ speedy and large-scale rollout.

“This is where Dhruva Space comes in,” Ruparel explained, “by providing full-stack space engineering technologies for launch planning, satellite platforms, and ground data reception.” “Dhruva’s solutions are suited to mission needs, and the company is well-positioned to lead the category.”

Given its scientific expertise and cost leadership, India is fast becoming a global space-tech hub, according to Satya Bansal, who is the Founder of Blue Ashva Capital. “This new phase of the Indian Space-tech is comparable to India’s IT revolution, and it indicates that local Space enterprises have a bright future ahead of them to compete on a global scale,” Bansal added.

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