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2.3 million in improving 13 vulnerable

The Barcelona Provincial Council will invest 2.3 million euros per year between 2021 and 2023 in the program ‘Barris i Comunitats: motors de transformació social’,one of the 21 transformative projects with which the supra-municipal entity aims to respond to global social challenges. And an initiative.

In this case, that seeks the comprehensive transformation of particularly vulnerable urban areas by reducing inequalities and promoting inclusive coexistence, participation and social cohesion through neighborhood empowerment and the strengthening of social alliances. To do this, it recovers the spirit of the historic neighborhood law but with a change of focus.

If for years, the objective of the investments was markedly urban to improve public space, the creation of facilities and architectural rehabilitation; now the games have a clear social accent.

It is about putting people at the center and equipping them with the necessary tools to become assets in the transformation of their own territory.

Moret, president of the area of ​​Equality and Social Sustainability of the county council,He explains it with an example: in the most deprived neighborhoods, the dwellings tend to have structural and energy efficiency problems.

To qualify for aid from the administrations to solve these problems it is essential to have a community of neighbors constituted, and in many of these neighborhoods they do not exist.

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