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Sofía Cristo Tells That She Suffered Sexual Abuse At The Age Of Five

Telecinco and Cuatro broadcast on Tuesday the first installment of Secret Story: countdown , the program presented by Carlos Sobera on the Mediaset reality show . From the beginning of the gala, which took place at 8:00 p.m. due to Mediaset’s sudden decision to advance prime time , Sobera announced that Sofía Cristo would tell a serious secret that would not leave anyone indifferent .

And, the DJ was the first to face the life line, a test in which the contestants will be able to review the most important events they have gone through and that have made them become the people they are today from today. In the case of Christ, they were very harsh testimonies .

Although the young woman insists on how lucky and happy she is, the circumstances surrounding her childhood and adolescence were not the easiest. In fact, she began by saying that, despite remembering a childhood with which she is satisfied, she always felt fear because she lived convinced that her father, Ángel Cristo , would end up killing her mother, Bárbara Rey , whom he abused.

That is why for Christ it was a great relief when the couple’s divorce came. At that time she was five years old, but not everything turned rosy, as her father continued to harm her mother with actions such as taking the furniture from her house or chasing her in the car .

Then he had to stop for a breath and continue his narration. When he lived with his mother, in the Madrid neighborhood of La Moraleja and at the age of five, he suffered sexual abuse . The young woman did not give details beyond that the assault took place in the living room of the house and that her father was not the abuser.

He also did not make it clear if it was something strictly specific, but he did explain that only his therapist and some friends knew about it, that at the time he did not identify the scene as sexual abuse and that, in the long run, the aggression had affected him when it came to relating with other people.

Live and from the set, her mother found out about this, and was able to speak with her daughter to convey her apologies for not having noticed . “We have to talk to our children. I thought I was pending and, even so, this escaped me,” she said afterwards , more calm.

But upon hearing her daughter’s words, she couldn’t stop articulating “my poor girl” while crying; and Carlos Sobera, also very affected , interrupted Christ to give comfort to his mother.

In addition, he took the opportunity to point out the bravery of the DJ, whom he described as “perfect” for having overcome so many things and, in addition, to raise awareness about it. Along the same lines, he praised the young woman for talking about taboo topics, such as the addictions suffered by her and her father, sexist violence or sexual abuse : “In this country, more people like you are needed,” he concluded, excited.

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