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Experts Warn That There Is No Need For A Third Dose

We learned long ago that the Covid-19 pandemic is a global problem that needs global solutions. For this reason, since the debate on the need for booster doses of the coronavirus vaccine began , experts warned that the priority was to inoculate the complete regimen (two doses in most approved formulas) to the largest possible number of patients. people all over the world.

Current scientific evidence on the covid vaccine does not support booster doses for the general population
This is also the main conclusion of a publication in the scientific journal The Lancet signed by a panel of international experts including the chief scientist of the WHO , Soumya Swaminathan, or two veterans of the US regulator (FDA, for its acronym in English), Marion Gruber and Phil Krause.

” The current evidence does not seem to show the need for a booster vaccine in the general population , in which the efficacy (of the full regimen of current vaccines) against severe disease remains high,” reads the new paper , based on in a review of data from all clinical trials and observational studies published so far.

Experts consider that the current vaccines protect against a serious disease also caused by the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, therefore they conclude that “booster vaccination is not appropriate for the general population at this stage of the pandemic.”

“Booster vaccination is not appropriate for the general population at this stage of the pandemic”
The scientific team also points out that, while the benefits of a first full course of vaccination against covid-19 “clearly have more benefits than risks”, “there could be risks if booster doses are given too soon or generally too often , especially with vaccines that can cause side effects (such as myocarditis , which is more common after the second dose of some mRNA vaccines , or Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome , which has been associated with adenovirus-based vaccines such as AstraZeneca ) “.

For this reason, they warn: “If an unnecessary booster causes significant adverse reactions , this could have implications for the uptake of vaccines that go beyond COVID-19 vaccines.” “Therefore,” they insist, “a general push should take place only if there is clear evidence that it is appropriate.”

Why are COVID deaths increasing now despite vaccination? Experts recommend a third dose
Last week the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System approved administering a third dose of the vaccine against covid-19 to people especially vulnerable to this disease such as those who have been transplanted or those who take oncological medication that compromises the functioning of their system immune.

However, several Communities have asked the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias , to expand the target groups of this reinforcement puncture to the elderly living in residences , who were the first to be vaccinated at the beginning of this year and are the ones who most are likely to suffer loss of immunity due to immunosenescence. Darias, for the moment, postpones the decision pending more scientific evidence.

In this new position letter from international experts published in The Lancet , they argue that booster vaccination “may be appropriate” for people with weakened immune systems. But they also point out that “people whose immune system did not respond robustly to the first vaccines may not respond either after a booster dose .”

“If vaccines are inoculated where they do the most good, they could speed up the end of the pandemic sooner”
In this sense, the researchers point out that ” it is not known whether immunocompromised people would benefit more from an additional dose of the same vaccine or a different one that could complement the immune response of the first prick.” They also maintain that, in any case, a booster dose will be more useful and lasting if a preparation designed to combat future new variants, and not the current ones, is administered.

In this new publication, the signatories argue that reducing the amount of neutralizing antibodies does not necessarily predict a reduction in the efficacy of the vaccine and they explain this because not only the antibodies protect against the disease, but also the memory T cells , which are the basis of the immune response and those that would order the production of new specific antibodies against covid-19 in case of infection.

Accelerating the end of the pandemic
Experts, who say that more research would be needed to identify the specific circumstances of people who would benefit from a booster dose , ask to base this decision on scientific data and not on political decisions. Likewise, they subscribe that as new data are generated, “these could in the first place offer evidence about the need for reinforcement in some subpopulations .”

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The letter concludes that since the supply of vaccines is limited, these ” will save more lives if we allocate them to people at risk of becoming seriously ill and who have not yet been vaccinated .” Even if there were ultimately some benefit to administering the booster vaccine, it would not outweigh the benefits of providing that initial protection to people who have not yet been inoculated, he says.

Finally, experts maintain that if vaccines are inoculated where they do the most good, they could sooner accelerate the end of the pandemic by inhibiting the evolution of variants. For this reason, they recall, the WHO has called for a moratorium on the third doses until the benefits of the first vaccines reach more people around the world.

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